In 2006, the American football team “AUBG Griffins” decided to liven up their practices by organizing challenges among the players. The challenges gained popularity and evolved into one of the most anticipated events during the spring semester at the American University in Bulgaria. Thus, the idea behind the AUBG Olympics Committee club was born.

Today, the club organizes the only all-university sports event, which includes 17 disciplines, played in a competitive atmosphere. The event begins with an opening ceremony that involves the entire AUBG community and gives talented students the opportunity to display their flair. The ceremony is a spectacle to recreate the university’s spirit, light the Olympics flame, and draw attention to the upcoming Olympiad a.k.a. D-Day.

D-Day takes place at the Porter Park Baseball Field in Blagoevgrad. During the games, the participants and the spectators can enjoy delightful refreshments and awesome music, complementing the excitement on the field. The all-day event has grown to attract over 800 people from AUBG and the local community. We don’t stop here. We also organize unique challenges and sports workshops throughout the academic year, encouraging students to take part and win cool prizes. If you want to test your skills in most of the sports included in the actual Olympic Games, you know where to find us.

In the time span of sixteen years, AUBG Olympics has become one of the biggest clubs on campus. As one of the most influential and respected student organizations at the university, AUBG Olympics abides by the principles of passion, ambition and diligence. We organize tournaments because we cherish health, team spirit, and fair play behavior. The students recognize our unique spirit and the vibe that we try to spread all around the campus.

Fire burns inside our chests and drives us ever forward.

the history of aubg olympics