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    AUBG OLYMPICS organizes 16 different sports including a Marathon,
    check the sports page for all the rules.

Table Tennis Challenge

If you are good at math come and calculate where the ball will fall, it may bring you an award. If you are good at ballet come and smash a volley. Skills doesn’t matter if you have got the pattern. Tennis tables, balls, rackets and players gathered in one place to destroy your prayers. Twist your perspective, make the game effective!

Basketball Challenge

As you all know playing sports is not all about the skills that you possess, it is about believing in yourself. Challenge yourself and stand in the hall under the spotlight. Face the strong ones and be the one who will make the last call. It doesn’t matter if you believe in lucky charms that you hold or in pure skills, just stay strong and be the one. Don’t be a superstitious personality, bring your A-game mentality.


Ho-ho-ho. In the spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus has saved a little sporty treat for you. It's our one and only fluffy old man who is here to open his festive bag, give presents and fulfill the dreams of young and old again. AUBG Olympics wishes you the best of holidays! May the wonder of Christmas bring you more serene moments spent with friends and loved ones. Let the spirit of the day fill you with hope, love, and peace. Hug your close ones a little stronger and say "Merry Christmas" a little louder.

We encourage you to be relentless in fighting your fears and proving your strengths through the means
of teamwork and sports spirit. We represent and promote the image of the American University in Bulgaria.

Wall of Fame

AUBG Olympics alumni have donated an AUBG Sports Wall of Fame, located in the ABF Student Center. The official opening happened in September 2014. The wall's purpose is for all sports teams at AUBG to have an opportunity to display their sports achievements. The alumni hope for the wall to grow bigger and for the achievements to be remembered.


Operations Department
Challenge Organizers
Sponsorship Department
Marketing & PR
Video Production
IT Department
Food and Beverages Department


In addition to the competitive nature of the event, we aim to contribute to the society as well by organizing a charity campaign for different causes. For the day of the Olympic games event the club is preparing a set of fun charity games, in which the participants would be able to donate whatever amount of money they can afford in the form of an entry fee. During the 2015 AUBG Olympics games, more than 1000 lv were raised.

Why Join Us

We are the biggest club in AUBG, giving you the opportunity to work with people with a variety of interests and ideas. The club itself has several departments, which gives a chance to each individual to test his/her potential and contribute to the club's development. We praise sportsmanship and positive energy. Join us and let’s celebrate together.

A Unique Experience

Being part of AUBG Olympics means working in a diverse team to organize activities which immensely impact the AUBG community. What makes the membership to this club such a unique experience is the strong bond, and the feeling of worthiness, responsibility and unity, all perks of being an Olympian.

We Are Always Improving

Being so open to new ideas and suggestions, we always try to do our best by challenging ourselves to always do better than a year ago. We have tried to satisfy the needs and desires of all the AUBG community by constantly introducing new challenges and sports in our activities and events.

Participants Testimonials

  • Boriana Shalyavska

    Director of Admissions

    I love the energy and dedication coming from a diverse group of creative young people. AUBG Olympics for me is a crazy combination of ideas and talent where challenge is a must, motivation is inspired and passion is ignited.

  • Kristiyan Dimitrov

    AUBG Alumni

    The full-day Olympiad which AUBG Olympics organizes is one of the events that define AUBG. Without this event, the closing of the schoolyear will not be as special, as it is. AUBG Olympics brings the spirit of the community to a whole new level.

  • Stoyan Iliev

    AUBG alumni and annual AUBG Olympics medalist

    Olympics is my favorite day in the calendar. It has never led me down and always proved to be amazing.

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